Which volunteers qualifies for ZePoints?

Qualifying volunteers

Accepted volunteers

–          Any volunteers that do not receive remuneration for their time spend as a volunteer

–          If the work is fully volunteer any employees and sub-contractor of the organization are eligible to receive ZePoints

Excluded volunteers

–          Volunteer paid by another entity to work for the organization

–          Criminal performing community services at the result of a court order.

Control measures

–          The organization will have to be approved and in good standing with ZeCoin and in their respective countries

–          The organization will need to keep accurate time sheet, signed by an employee of the organization before they are submitted to our system for verification.

–          The complete personnel information on the volunteer will need to be added to our database (name, address, phone number, email, major ID or date of birth and function)

Benefit for the organization

–          An organization that can emit ZePoints to their sub-contractors and employees will have a greater chance to attract volunteers.

–          The organization will also have a secondary option to pay sub-contractors for services rendered.

Benefit for the volunteers

–          Volunteers will receive chance of payment for services rendered.