Which projects qualifies for ZePoints?

Qualifying Projects

Accepted projects

–          Non-profit projects aim at research in the medical field to prolong or improve life

–          Non-profit projects aim at designing products with the goal of protecting the environment and animal well fare

–          For profit organizations that aim to develop technologies and solutions to protect the environment and improve human life (a list needs to be made)

Rejected projects

–          Any project for non-profit or for profit that has a result pollutes the environment or harm the environment.

Control measures

–          Any payment and investment resulting in ZePoints emission will need to be handled by ZeCoin authorize escrow agents or the organization would need to be approved by ZeCoin prior to the investment.

–          Projects will need to submit to audits upon request.

Benefit for the project owners

–          A means to offer something in return for their financing

–          An alternate method of payment for sub-contractors and employees

–          An increase range of potential investors