Which Organization qualifies to receive ZePoints?

Qualifying organizations

Accepted organizations

–          NGOs the aim to improve the human lives (food, water, medical care)

–          NGOs that conduct research on the environment, medical and human wellness

–          Carbon Offset projects and projects aim to reduce global warming and CO2/Methane emissions

–          Projects and research aim to prolong life (cryonics, trans-human, implants development)

–          Animal protection and human rights organization

Excluded organizations

–          Any religious organizations or organizations that promote religion as part of their help campaigns.

–          Lobbies groups not directly promoting the environment, medical research, human rights and animal protection.

Control measures

–          Organizations will have to be registered and in good standing in their respective countries.

–          Organizations operating in excluded countries will not be allowed in the program. This is to prevent corruption, frauds and misuse of funds

–          The NGOs and project will have to submit their financial statements and allow random audits (if required) to ensure the proper use of the program.

–          The organization will have to follow strict guidelines in the allocation of ZePoints.